I´m Viktor and I´m an illustrator, creator, maker and thinker. I mainly use computers and cameras, but I occasionally work with traditional forms such as paper and pens.  I have been collaborating with interior designers, cultural producers , theater managers ,advertising agencies, project managers and municipalities. I’m always looking for new partnerships to continue pushing myself, my work and to continue my development.


The projects I worked on range from small houses, private interiors to urban planning and everything in between.I have appeared in over fifty architectural competitions / collateral duties the past ten years and have become skilled at helping even as pure design support in those processes. What separates me from many other visualizers is that I see my work first and foremost as a step in the process towards seeing something being built. Im not interested in the archviz show off. Drowning architecture in unneccesary details doesnt help anyone.


(editorial, commercial, etc)
In illustration Ive always had the ambition not to lock myself in any certain style but search for the expression that suits the assignment or client best.


Outside of the day to day with client work, I like to keep active in the Stockholm
architectural / design community and academia. I offer training across various design programs such as Adobe, Illustrator, Indesign and even the craft hand illustration. Ive also been teaching drawing for beginners at Medborgarskolan in Stockholm.